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Personal Tax Services

Federal and State Tax Return Preparation

Whether your situation is a simple 1040EZ filing or involves some of the more complex intricacies of the tax code, our professional staff of CPA's and tax return preparation staff can support you in a timely fashion at a cost that fits your situation. While the complexities of the tax code can be intimidating to the average person, our staff uses their expertise and years of experience to turn this to your advantage. Our day-to-day experience with the more complex sections of the Tax Code, such as rental properties, income from self employment, sale of business property and assets or stock option plans ensures that your return will be prepared by a professional well-versed in the aspect of the Tax Code that affects you. We welcome new clients any month of the year.

Personal Tax Planning

Our approach to personal tax services goes beyond just preparing your return at the end of the year. In most cases, proper planning will eliminate unpleasant surprises or create opportunities for you to optimize your available cash during the year. We will work with you each fall to create a tax projection so that you are ready for April 15th - No Surprises! Working with our clients we will develop both short term and long term strategies to take advantages of opportunities in the Tax Code that fit their situation.

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